Guidelines for Walkers

wexfordhillwalkingclub 04 Sep , 2012
  • Walkers should bear in mind that leaders are volunteers and a mutual respect will bring a more positive experience for all.
  • Collective responsibility is a primary aim on all Club outings. This means that everybody is responsible for themselves and for each other in terms of safety and  enjoyment.
  • Walkers should be suitably prepared  – see Gear page on website –  lack of appropriate  gear can affect the whole group;
  • Walkers should inform the leader of any medical condition which may affect their participation and should carry necessary medications.;
  • Bring sufficient food and drinks including emergency rations;
  • Have an appropriate level of fitness for the grade of walk – alternative fitness training may be necessary to undertake more strenuous walks – lack of fitness can jeopardise the safety and enjoyment of the whole group;
  • Leader’s directions should be followed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the group;
  • Walking way out in front  on easy and moderate  walks may be in conflict with the leader’s choice of pace;
  • Walkers choosing to leave the group must inform the leader (including toilet stops);
  • Members who bring newcomers have a particular  responsibility for that person on the day – they may need to drop out of walk early if fitness or gear not suitable.