Perfect Day in the Comeraghs

Wonderful 2 Boot walk lead by Micheál Brennan on Sunday 6th October 2019. Some new new members had their first taste of the Comeragh Mountains with a mixed walk including an adventure into the cave at Crotty’s Lake and a steep scramble up gully. 7 tired but happy walkers!

1 and 2 boot walk in Blackstairs

The one boot led by Helen and Matt started from the recently developed marked trail which begins in Kiltealy village, from where the group emerged onto open mountain and joined the main path up Blackstairs mountain about 3/4 way up; the summit proved to be shrouded in mist – unlike the rest of the walk which enjoyed very clear and dry conditions.

Ger’s 2 booter was a 20k + ramble over the Mount Leinster range at a pace that did not permit the taking of any photos!!

A number of new members have joined in recent weeks and all proved their fitness on Sunday’s walks !

Admiring the view from the Blackstairs – once the work of ascending the untracked mountainside was accomplished

Car split allowed for an original walk on Blackstairs Mtn

Retreat from the misty top of Blackstairs Mtn

Kyle Loop

Lovely Kyle loop from Tinahely led by Pauline who had a following of20 very appreciative walkers for an excellently paced walk of 17 k with a bit of work to get up the intermittent hills totaling650m. An added bonus was the sunny weather. The group sitting on the trailer were not looking for a lift back – it merely provided some seating during the lunchbreak!

Large group on Mt Leinster


Very pleasant weather at lower levels made for most enjoyable Hillwalking on Mt Leinster for the 2 and three boot walks

Liz’s three boot went from Rahanna  bridge to Mt. leinster, beech trees, Clorogue beg, Clorogue more, Knockroe , and back to start point.

John’s 2 booter followed a route which sought out some of the rich archaeological features on Mt Leinster from a caiseal to a cillín to a dolmen finishing up with the Rock Art beside the Mountain River



Clear Dry Day in Comeraghs

Both club walks were in the Comeraghs on Sunday , led by Turlough and Noel. The larger group were on the 2 boot walk and enjoyed a fine clear day , if somewhat cool on top. The high point of the plateau and Crotty’s Lake was included in Turlough’s six and a half hour walk which was most enjoyable in the relatively pleasant conditions compared to some walks earlier in the year

Noel’s route took the group on the Coumshingaun horseshoe

Snowy Comeraghs

Mick and Liam led a 2 boot and 1 boot walk in the Comeraghs Sunday last. 6 brave souls headed up the Comeraghs Sunday led by Mick Wall, taking in Coumfay, Coumtay and Mahon Falls, enjoying snowy vistas over the range. Details of Liam’s walk awaited. Photos are from the 2 boot walk

Kiltealy Natives on home ground

January 20 : Kiltealy natives, Ann and Mary, led their first club walk on what is essentially their home turf. Unfazed by the large turnout of 19 walkers and allied with unparalleled local knowledge they “conquered” Knockroe as part of their 1 boot walk.

Being a  small range, it was not surprising they bumped into the 2 boot walk (a similarly large group) led by Ger, one of the club’s most experienced leaders!