The Club offers its sympathy to the families of the hillwalkers who lost their lives on Sunday 

Navigation skills were required on both walks in the Comeraghs last Sunday due to very limited visibility above 400m; that would have not been a problem to the 3 boot walk in the hands of Colette who with her hardy crew braved very strong and gusty winds allied to very low cloud managed a traverse of the Comeragh plateau with a descent down to the Boolas for lunch and back up again to return via the southern flank of Coumshingaun.

At the Boolas the 3 booters met , not by design, the 2 boot walkers who had just finished lunch ! The two boot walk gave an opportunity for some graduates and students of Colette’s navigation course to try out their skills !

2 Boot walkers stayed low but managed to reach 4 of the Comeragh Lakes that ring the plateau
Three Boot Walk : looks like there was a gully ascent thrown in !
A sparrowhawk gave a long display of its hovering skills for the entertainment of the group !