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Early morning view from the Gianetti hut

Here are a few photos from this summer’s MI Alpine Meet, which some club members took part in. The meet takes place in a different spot in the Alps each year, and offers plenty of opportunities for hillwalkers as well as for rock climbers and those heading out onto the glaciers and higher peaks. This year’s meet was held in Val Di Mello, north of Milan on the Italian-Swiss border.

On the way up to the Ponti hut and Monte Disgrazia
Having fun on the glacier…..
….but possibly not so much fun inside it, practising crevasse rescue
Monte Disgrazia……
…..not far from the top now….
…..there at last! Unfortunately, it was a bit too cloudy to really appreciate the views. Thanks to Karol Murray, who took some of these photos.
The view from the campsite….
….which was in a fantastic setting; one small problem was the concrete-like ground, which made pitching a tent hard work. Some people (the sensible ones?) rented apartments in the nearby village of San Martino.

One good thing about hillwalking in the Alps is the multitude of well-marked and signposted tracks, which means you don’t have to worry so much about navigation in bad weather, or wading through boggy ground, thick heather, etc.

Setting out from the Gianetti hut, en route to the Omio hut.