Access to Rocklands changed to Maudlintown

The development of the building site at Mulgannon has necessitated a change of access for the weekly climbing sessions to Maudlintown. The trails to ‘The Rocks’ can be accessed from the St Mary’s Maudlintown GAA grounds. Parking is possible on the street. If unsure of where to access contact Paul before Wed. Meeting time is 6.15.

Rock Climbing Wednesdays 2018

There was an impressive tidy up at the Rocklands crag last week to clear the way for weekly climbing sessions to begin this Wednesday, May 16th, from 6.15 onwards.

Members donate a small fee each week towards the upkeep of equipment.
Non members are welcome to come along for one free ‘taster’ session. A second climbing evening will incur a €10 fee towards equipment maintenance. Club membership will then be needed for continued participation. Membership forms available at the crag.

Come along to experience a brand new exciting activity.
For those who have already climbed, the crag offers fantastic opportunities to fine-tune your skills and always offers challenges.

Contact Paul or Colette through the club e mail address or Facebook page for further details.

Clear and sunny conditions again !

Peter’s one boot and Liz’s two book walks enjoyed clear and at times sunny conditions in the Blackstairs. Peter took his large group on a linear route from near the Nine Stones to Mt Leinster and Knockroe ; Liz approached the summit from the Ballymurphy side.

Descending Mount Leinster

Rock climbing season start












Weekly club sessions will ‘kick-off’ this Wednesday, May 9th, with a ‘gardening/clean-up’ gathering. The plan is to start about 6.00. This may be later if weather not good enough. Bring any lopping shears/secateurs, gardening gloves etc. Bring your friends! Remember, ‘many hands make light work!’