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Both 2 boot and 4 boot walks took in the summit of Mt Leinster in their walks on Sun last. Conditions were bitterly cold with snow and ice underfoot and a biting, fresh east/northeast wind.
Conditions away from the high ridge were somewhat calmer.

The 2 boot group approached from Shannon’s Lane to the summit.

The 4 boot route ascended the SE flanks of Black Rock before continuing along the ridge to the mast. The group then followed the forest edge towards the Black Banks before turning into a sheltered firebreak in the forestry. Forest trails heading down and then back South brought the group out into the Clody river catchment area on the Eastern side of the ridge.
A long traverse led to the Blackstairs’ best effort at a glacial coum!
A short, but stiff, pull up the back of this landed the group almost at the track junction near the turf hut. It was an easy stroll down the turf road and back to the cars.
Totals (for 4 boot) : 16km and 880m of ascent