Coum Tay - Heading West
Coum Tay – Heading West
'The Nose' into Coumalocha
‘The Nose’ into Coumalocha








The club 4 boot walk on Sunday last in the Comeraghs started at the upper carpark in the Mahon Valley with the 2 boot group. The abundance of water in the Falls and surrounding streams suggested that staying away from major river crossings would be a good idea. the group contoured into the Tay valley and then contoured West into Coum Iarthar. The serious climbing of the day took in the small knoll in this coum before the bigger climb to the top of the southern Seefin ridge. Lunch was in the shelter of the hut on Seefin 725m. The next high point was Coumfea 711m before descending the ‘nose’ into Coumalocha. Another testing climb brought the group up on the somewhat ridiculous ‘road to nowhere’ on the Eastern side of the coum. With the climbing over the group enjoyed the trek across the plateau along the Mahon valley cliff walk and then down Comeragh Mountain.