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The Club used the Kilcoran Lodge Hotel on the southern flank of the Galtees as the base for the Christmas party wk end.
Storm Desmond was in full swing so the Moderate walk planned to take in Greenane was curtailed. The route went from the hotel through the forest tracks behind and onto the spur up to ‘Teardrop Hill’ 631m. Winds were incredibly strong and even though the slope was quite gentle the grade of the walk could have easily been considered a Moderate +!
The descent was N Easterly to 597m and then S Easterly to follow down the West flank of the forestry on 541m.
It was a relief to get into the shelter of the forestry all the way down to the N8 near the Firing Range.
It was a challenging day/character builder for all.

In completely contrasting weather conditions on Sunday the group headed South to the start of the Black Road in calm, clear conditions.
A relaxing amble up this very wet road brought the group to the base of Galty Beg. Lunch-stop was on the top of Galtymore in the rather still, chilly air. There was great appreciation for the views, North over Tipperary town and beyond, South over the Knockmealdowns and South East towards the Comeraghs. This was a particularly big achievement for some members who were on Galtymore for the first time.
Return to the cars was via the Black road again.